A Little Bit More

Dawn Anita

An emotion packed album with a wide genre of songs from country to country/pop with some hard hitting bluesy rock songs, and tender, touch-your-heart love songs. The singer reaches deep in her soul and delivers each song with conviction.

This album is a collection of songs that Dawn Anita has recorded over the years and shows her versatility in music. The first song on the album "Never Again" written by Dawn Anita and her mother, LaVerna Diffie, has a bluesy rock feel and will set your toes to tapping and make you wanna "get up and do something!" Dawn Anita has received rave reviews about this song from other writers and artists in the music industry. The tender emotion displayed in Dawn Anita's rendition of the Mac Davis tune "Please Be Gentle" will fill your soul to the brim and wash completely over you with her vocal skills and moving version of this song. Music mogul, Jimmy Bowen's wife, commented "I don't even like country music, but I love what you do....you make me believe it," when she reviewed Dawn Anita's song she wrote called "Make Me Feel Like A Woman Again." Dawn Anita has an uncanny ability to take a song and fit it to her particular style as shown by the Dr. Hook song "A Little Bit More" and make you feel every word as she sings with such depth. When Dawn Anita recorded the song she wrote called "I'd Like to Be a Bad Girl", every musician on the session perked up and took notice, and it was one of her best sessions ever. There is certain to be a song or two on this album that will be your favorite, because it contains a wide variety of music. If you like "feel good" songs, you are sure to enjoy "Travelin' Light" or "Lovin' You". If you like hard driving, put-you-in-the-mood music, you'll love "Crazy 'Bout You Baby" and "Too Far Gone". If your preference is love songs, "It's Rainin' Too" written by her good friend and famed songwriter Chick Rains, will definitely appeal to you because Dawn Anita makes it come alive. No matter your preference in music, you will thoroughly enjoy the music and Dawn Anita's singing on this album.

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