The Country in Me

Dawn Anita

This album contains western tunes, western swing tunes and traditional country and is sure to please listeners who enjoy good ole' traditional country music; the vocals are pure, soulful and down to earth, and the music will put a smile on your face.

If you're looking for the "real thing," then you will enjoy Dawn Anita's album "The Country In Me." She wrote or co-wrote many of the tunes on this album. The music on this album is sure to please authentic country music and western music fans. It is tasteful, classy, creative, and pleasing to the ear, and each tune has its own unique style. Dawn Anita has done herself proud on this album. Traditional country music fans are sure to love the title cut "The Country In Me" because it "tells it like it is" in today's country music, and real country music fans will relate to the lyrics and her old country sound. Western fans will love her songs and ability to take you on a journey with her on each song and know that these words came from a real "cowgirl." The original song "Pride" is a true story about the horse she always dreamed of, but he turned out to be her daughter's dream horse until he died at the age of 30. You will definitely shed some tears, but you will want to listen to it over and over. You are bound to be drawn in to the story on the song "Tennessee Walker" which has a unique twist, and one that will make you stop and think. She will get your toes to tapping on the song she wrote called "Yodel Lade Hee" where she displays her ability to yodel with the best of them. You will want to get up and dance as you listen to her swing tune "Cowboy Boogaloo Blues." She has sang "Faded Love" on stage over a thousand times, and she did an outstanding job on this song making it her own. The musicians succeeded in making it a swing tune but with a slow feel much like Patsy Cline. You will be laughing when you hear her song "If More People Rode Horses," but it will be easy for you to understand the philosophy behind the lyrics. Her vocals on the song she wrote called "Maverick" will make you want to stop and listen to every note. It doesn't matter if you like old country, western or western swing music, this album has something for everyone.

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